Class UpgradeTrackMove

  extended by jfreerails.move.CompositeMove
      extended by jfreerails.move.UpgradeTrackMove
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.io.Serializable, MapUpdateMove, Move, TrackMove, FreerailsSerializable

public class UpgradeTrackMove
extends CompositeMove
implements TrackMove

This CompositeMove changes the track type at a point on the map and charges the players account for the cost of the change.

Luke Lindsay
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
private static long serialVersionUID
Constructor Summary
private UpgradeTrackMove(ChangeTrackPieceMove trackMove)
Method Summary
static UpgradeTrackMove generateMove(TrackPiece before, TrackPiece after, ImPoint p)
 java.awt.Rectangle getUpdatedTiles()
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Field Detail


private static final long serialVersionUID
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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


private UpgradeTrackMove(ChangeTrackPieceMove trackMove)
Method Detail


public static UpgradeTrackMove generateMove(TrackPiece before,
                                            TrackPiece after,
                                            ImPoint p)


public java.awt.Rectangle getUpdatedTiles()
Specified by:
getUpdatedTiles in interface MapUpdateMove