Provides a space to put classes that can be imported by classes in any of the other packages.


Interface Summary
Activity<E extends FreerailsSerializable>  
FlatTrackTemplate Defines methods that encode a track configuration as an int.
FreerailsMutableSerializable This interface tags mutable serializable classes.
FreerailsPathIterator This interface lets the caller retrieve a path made up of a series of straight lines.
FreerailsSerializable This interface tags classes that can be sent between the client and the server.

Class Summary
FreerailsPathIteratorImpl Lets the caller access a series of Points as a series of IntLines.
GameCalendar This class converts time measured in ticks since the game began into time represented as Month, Year and hour:minute.
GameSpeed This class represents actual game speed.
GameTime This class represents a specific instant in time during a game.
ImHashSet<E extends FreerailsSerializable>  
ImInts An immutable list of ints.
ImList<E extends FreerailsSerializable> An immutable List
ImPoint An immutable point.
ImSet<E extends FreerailsSerializable> An immutable set.
ImStringList An immutable list of Strings.
IntLine This class defines a straight line between two points.
Money Represents an amount of Money.
PositionOnTrack A mutable class that stores the coordinates of the tile on entity is standing on and the direction in which the entity is facing (usually the direction the entity as just been moving - the opposite to the direction it came from), it provides methods to encode and decode its field values to and from a single int.
Step This class represents a movement from a tile to any one of the surrounding eight tiles.

Package Description

Provides a space to put classes that can be imported by classes in any of the other packages.