Package jfreerails.client.renderer

Provides classes that render/paint/draw the games graphics.


Interface Summary
MapLayerRenderer Paints a layer of the map which might be buffered.
MapRenderer Lets the GUI component that is displaying the map known the scale at which the map is being rendered.
RenderersRoot Provides access to the objects that render terrain, track, and trains.
TileRenderer Draws an icon to represent a tile.
TileRendererList A list of TileRenderers.
TrackPieceRenderer Draws an icon to represent a track piece.

Class Summary
AbstractTileRenderer This class encapsulates the visible properties of a tile.
BlankMapRenderer Used for testing the Map view components without setting up any map data.
BufferedTiledBackgroundRenderer This abstract class stores a buffer of the background of the current visible rectangle of the map.
BuildTrackController This class provides methods to change the proposed track and save it to the real world.
BuildTrackRenderer This class draws the track being build.
ChequeredTileRenderer Paints 2 variations of a tile icon a chequered pattern.
CityNamesRenderer Paints the city names on the map.
ForestStyleTileRenderer Looks to see whether the tiles to the left and right of the same type when deciding which tile icon to use.
MapBackgroundRender This class encapsulates the objects that make-up and paint the background of the map view.
NullTrackPieceRenderer This class implements the TrackPieceView interface, but intentionally does nothing.
RiverStyleTileRenderer Selects a tile icon to use based on the type of the tiles to the North, East, South and West.
SpecialTileRenderer A special tile's icon gets drawn over the icon of a normal tile.
SquareTileBackgroundRenderer This class stores a buffer containing the terrain and track layers of current visible rectangle of the map.
StandardTileRenderer Paints a tile for which there only one tile icon.
StationBoxRenderer Renders box showing the cargo waiting at a station.
StationNamesRenderer Class to render the station names and spheres of influence on the game map.
StationRadiusRenderer This class draws the radius of a station on the map.
TileRendererListImpl A list of TileRenderers stored in an array and created from an ArrayList.
TrackPieceRendererImpl This class renders a track piece.
TrackPieceRendererList A list of TrackPieceRenderers.
TrainImages Stores side-on and over-head images of a particular wagon or engine type.
TrainRenderer This class draws a train from an overhead view.
ZoomedOutMapRenderer This class draws the overview map.

Package jfreerails.client.renderer Description

Provides classes that render/paint/draw the games graphics. Classes in this package should be independent of the windowing toolkit being used. For example, they should not import any javax.swing.* classes or any classes in the java.awt.Component hierarchy. They may however import java.awt classes needed to do drawing, e.g. java.awt.Graphics and java.awt.Image.