Provides classes that make up the client user interface (implemented using Swing).


Interface Summary
GUIComponentFactory Defines methods that create the GUI components used by the game.

Class Summary
BuildIndustryJPopupMenu A JPopupMenu that displays the list of industries that can be built.
BuildMenu The menu that lets you select a track type.
ClientJFrame The JFrame that you see while you are playing the game.
FPScounter Provides a method that draws a String showing the average FPS over the last complete 5000ms interval.
GameLoop This thread updates the GUI Client window.
GUIComponentFactoryImpl Creates and wires up the GUI components.
GUIComponentFactoryTestImpl Implementation of GUIComponentFactory that returns 'blank' components - used for testing the layout of ClientJFrame.
QuickRGBTileRendererList Simple implementation of TileRendererList, for testing purposes only.
RenderersRootImpl Implementation of RenderersRoot whose constructor loads graphics and provides feed back using a FreerailsProgressMonitor.
StationTypesPopup This JPopupMenu displays the list of station types that are available and builds the type that is selected.
SynchronizedEventQueue This event queue is synchronized on the MUTEX.
UserInputOnMapController Handles key presses and mouse movements on the map - responsible for moving the cursor etc.
UserMessageGenerator This class inspects incoming moves and generates a user message if appropriate.

Package Description

Provides classes that make up the client user interface (implemented using Swing).