Package jfreerails.client.view

Provides classes that make up the jfreerails client user interface that is implemented using Swing components.


Interface Summary
ActiveView Defines a standard method to initiate GUI components that need access to the ModelRoot and the ActionRoot.
View Defines a standard method to initiate GUI components that need access to the ModelRoot.

Class Summary
ActionRoot Provides access to Actions change the game state and the GUI.
BalanceSheetHtmlJPanel A HtmlJPanel that displays the balance sheet.
BuildTrackJPanel A JPanel that presents toggle buttons that let the player select the build mode (build track, upgrade track, build station, bulldoze, and info mode) and select the track/bridge/station type to use.
CargoWaitingAndDemandedJPanel A JPanel that displays the cargo waiting and demanded at a station - used on the select station popup window.
CashJLabel This JLabel shows the amount of cash available.
ConfirmExitJPanel JPanel that didplays confirmation of exiting, used when the exit menu item is selected or x is pressed.
DateJLabel This JLabel shows the current date.
DetailMapRenderer Draws the main map, that is the terrain, track, trains, station names etc.
DialogueBoxController This class is responsible for displaying dialogue boxes, adding borders to them as appropriate, and returning focus to the last focus owner after a dialogue box has been closed.
DisplayModesComboBoxModels ComboBoxModel that provides access to the screen resolutions and bit depths available.
FreerailsCursor Paints the cursor on the map, note the cursor's position is stored on the ModelRoot under the key CURSOR_POSITION.
HtmlJPanel This JPanel displays a HTML document read from a URL.
IncomeStatementGenerator Generates the income statement- note, its fields are read using reflection so don't change their names.
IncomeStatementHtmlJPanel A HtmlJPanel that displays the income statement.
KeyCode2OneTileMoveVector Maps keys to OneTileMoveVectors.
LeaderBoardJPanel A JPanel that displays the details of the players ordered by net worth.
LeaderBoardJPanel.PlayerDetails Stores the details a player that are shown on the leaderboard.
MainMapAndOverviewMapMediator This class mediates between the main map view and the overview map view.
MapViewJComponent JPanel that displays the map and provides methods to handle scrolling.
MapViewJComponentConcrete Displays the map, the cursor, and user messages (which are stored on the ModelRoot under the keys QUICK_MESSAGE and PERMANENT_MESSAGE).
NearestStationFinder Provides methods that find the nearest station in a given direction, used by the select station popup window.
NetWorthGraphJPanel A JPanel that displays a graph of the net worth of each of the players against time.
NetWorthGraphJPanel.CompanyDetails Stores the company details that are used to draw a line and title on the graph.
NewsPaperJPanel A JPanel that displays a newspaper headline.
OverHeadTrainView Draws the trains on the main map.
OverviewMapJComponent JPanel that displays the overview map and a rectangle showing the region of the map currently displayed on the main view.
PlayerColors Stores a list of colours to use to represent different players.
RHSJTabPane The tabbed panel that sits in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
SelectEngineJPanel This JPanel lets the user select an engine from a list.
SelectStationJPanel This JPanel lets the user select a station from a map and add it to a train schedule.
SelectWagonsJPanel This JPanel lets the user add wagons to a train.
ServerControlModel Exposes the ServerControlInterface to client UI implementations.
ShowJavaProperties This class returns the Java System Properties as an HTML table.
StationBuildModel This class provides the UI model for building a station.
StationInfoJPanel This JPanel displays the supply and demand at a station.
StationPlacementCursor This class implements a cursor which can be used to place a station on the map.
TerrainInfoJPanel This JPanel shows information on a terrain type.
TrainDescriptionJPanel This JPanel displays a side-on view of a train and a summary of the cargo that it is carrying.
TrainDialogueJPanel JPanel that displays info on a train; it is composed of a TrainScheduleJPanel and TrainDescriptionJPanel.
TrainListCellRenderer This JPanel displays an engine and a number of wagons.
TrainListJPanel JPanel that didplays a list of trains, used for the train list window and the train roster tab.
TrainOrderJPanel ListCellRenderer that displays a train order.
TrainOrdersListModel AbstractListModel used by TrainScheduleJPanel to display the orders making up a train schedule.
TrainOrdersListModel.TrainOrdersListElement This class holds the values that are needed by the ListCellRender.
TrainScheduleJPanel This JPanel displays a train's schedule and provides controls that let you edit it.
World2ListModelAdapter Converts the interface of a list on the world object to a ListModel interface that can be used by JLists.

Package jfreerails.client.view Description

Provides classes that make up the jfreerails client user interface that is implemented using Swing components.

Some of the classes have been created using the NetBeans GUI editor. The .java files for these classes have corresponding .form files. Within the java files there are protected sections of code, if you edit these files, please do not alter these sections by hand.